If putting up with the “Apple Way” of doing a mobile operating system has you bored, the smartest thing to do for most is to Jailbreak it. Sadly as iOS has become more capable, it has also become less interesting to Jailbreak lately, even if the process has gotten much better. If you are already running iOS 9, it seems that as of today you’re entitled to some fun.

The Chinese research team that we currently know as PanGu has just released a Jailbreak for iOS 9. Now, the reason why we suggest you act fast is because this jailbreak only works on devices running iOS 9.0 and up to 9.0.2, and given the fact that iOS 9.1 is already getting close to a launch, you’ll lose your chance to jailbreak if you update by accident. At the moment the service only works with Windows computers, which the main oddity, but the service includes an extensive set of instructions to get this service to work.

Yes, the jailbreak is untethered, so follow the source link if interested.

Source: PanGu
Via: The Verge

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