Here’s a little mini-Pocketnow Insider for you: next week, I had a TLDR piece scheduled entitled “Hey Microsoft: Where’s Pandora for Windows Phone?” The company must’ve sensed my intentions (or, you know, grown tired of hearing the shouted demands of millions of its vocal customers) because today, it took the wraps off Pandora for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft and Pandora say the popular music-streaming app has been rebuilt from the ground up for Windows Phone 8, and it shows. From the tiled stations screen to the panoramic scrolling, this is a Modern UI design through and through. There are a few features missing, but there’s a lot to get excited about – not least of which is the year-long Pandora One subscription provided free for Windows Phone users.

We dove in for a quick look at this, perhaps the most anticipated Windows Phone app since Spotify, and our quick tour is here for your eyes only, down below.

Source: Microsoft via WPCentral


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