Hidden well within the AT&T Music subsection of the LG Incite’s Start menu is the Pandora application (which I admittedly overlooked until today). Pandora, for those that don’t know, is a product of the Music Genome Project that analyzes the sound and tonality of music, so that it can create a custom radio station based on the music that you like. Then, with a username and password, you can login to any computer and play your custom music station. The technology works very well, and helps you to discover new music based on your tastes.

Pandora on the LG Incite works generally well – you can vote songs up or down, add new artists and songs for Pandora to consider, and create new stations for different kinds of music you like. The quality is about FM radio over a 3G connection. Unfortunately, you only get a 1 day trial on the Incite, and after that you must pay $8 per month.

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