Pandora adds Premium Family Plan at affordable $14.99 monthly price

What can Pandora do to keep up with Apple Music and Spotify’s awe-inspiring growth rates, avoiding Groove Music’s fate while standing out in a big crowd of smaller music streaming players?

If your answer is a discounted Premium rate or some sort of an expansion outside the US, we’re sad to inform you neither of those things is happening, at least not yet. Not technically, because there is a new way to save quite a bit of money on Pandora Premium subscriptions.

Just like its top rivals, the service now supports Family Plan activations in addition to standard ad-free memberships. Pandora is even matching the price of Spotify and Apple’s equivalent service tiers, at $14.99 a month (or $164.89 a year), which is obviously unlikely to sway many users away from the latter two products. But it could still help the 2000-founded US company boost its paying subscriber numbers by convincing “freeloaders” to upgrade.

$14.99 will be enough for “high quality” audio streaming, offline listening, customizable playlists and radio stations, as well as unlimited skips and replays, all uninterrupted by ads, for up to six different family members.

Each member gets their individual account (no sharing “unless you want to”), and switching from a regular $9.99 monthly plan to a Family deal is a piece of cake. That’s certainly not bad, but the problem is it’s not groundbreaking or special in any way either.

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