“Palmpad” European Trademark Is Latest International Filing

Hewlett Packard — the Palm Trademark Holding Company, actually — has just filed for trademark protection on the word “Palmpad” across all of Europe, suggesting that the company’s upcoming line of tablets will see an international rollout. Further evidence of a widespread release comes from the trademark offices of Australia and South Korea, where HP/Palm has also filed for Palmpad protection, following an appearance at the USPTO last July. Interestingly, Palm already has Palmpad trademarks on file in the UK, Canada, and Japan from back in the early 90’s, with the rather whimsical description of a “hand-held computer which recognizes and stores characters handprinted on the screen with a wand or pen.”

The Palmpad line is said to consist of a pair of seven-inch and nine-inch webOS-powered, buttonless devices tipped by Engadget as arriving in September after a February 9th launch. Supposedly the first round of tablets will hit AT&T 3G and Verizon LTE, with an AT&T LTE version following in July 2012. No pricing details have been rumored about either size model.

Source: Engadget

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