Palm Treo 500 Windows Phone for $95!

Expansys has a great deal on one nice device that will probaby prove to be quite a collector’s item. The Palm Treo 500 is a Windows Mobile Standard Edition device with a small QWERTY thumb keyboard and no touch screen. It’s got a 320×240 pixel screen, tri-band GSM, Bluetooth, 256MB memory, and a Micro SD card slot. Unfortunately it does not support ATT or T-Mobile US 3G bands, so you’ll be stuck on EDGE and since it’s only tri-band, you’ll want to stick with T-Mobile US. The other gotcha is that it defaults to the Russian language when you first boot it, but there are simple instructions available for switching it to English. If you’re interested in a unique back-up phone for cheap, take a look at the Treo 500 before it sells out.

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