Palm Pre 1GHz Overclock Kernel Released

Open-source software developers have yet again pushed the Palm Pre to speeds once thought impossible, introducing a kernel that overclocks the webOS handset to a blazing 1GHz. Now we’d previously seen modified kernels that brought speeds of 600MHz and even as high as 800MHz, but this is the first public release of a version that actually doubles the OMAP3430’s native 500MHz frequency.

Since the 1GHz kernel — known as UberKernel — has been in private beta testing for several weeks already, it seems stable enough for everyday use — although as usual, overclockers run the risk of shortening both battery life and the life of their CPUs. Plus, Palm has warned that overclocking its products may void their warranties, so bear that in mind if you choose to implement this hack.

On the plus side, anecdotal evidence suggests that the device absolutely flies at 1GHz, making this a very tempting move despite the risks. Also of note is that the Govnah CPU management client has been updated as well, allowing users to trigger certain clock speeds based on discrete events, stretching out battery life in the process.

(via: pre|central and webos-internals, image courtesy of Gizmo Whiz)

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