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Palm is back in the game (sort of), releasing wireless earbuds soon

By Roland Udvarlaki October 14, 2021, 8:00 am
Palm wireless earbuds

In 2018, Palm returned back from the dead with a tiny Android phone. Ever since then, the company was very quiet and out of sight, but it seems like its engineers were hard at work, as it seems to be back in the game, sort of. Palm will be releasing its first wireless earbuds soon.

The company posted a teaser image on Twitter, mentioning that it’s been busy, with some wireless earbuds-looking devices blurred in the background. The teaser doesn’t reveal too much information, but it does indicate that the company will unveil new wireless earbuds on October 26.

Sadly, we don’t have any rumors, leaks, or any other credible source of information, and we can only speculate that the earbuds themselves will look similar to the AirPods Pro, judging by the blurred design of the teaser image. We don’t have any information on why these wireless earbuds would be so special, but it may have some unique swipe gestures and incredible sound quality – it remains to be seen as it’s all just speculation right now.

The earbuds will likely have some form of ANC, judging by the design, and the ear tips may also be changeable, although it’s very hard to tell looking at the teaser itself. A lot of companies made similar-looking earbuds with some of these features, so it wouldn’t be too surprising. 

In terms of what the new Palm can bring to the table, it’s interesting to see it join the wireless earbuds race, especially this late since every single company you can think of has already made a few versions of their own, unique wireless earbuds. Whatever the case is, we’ll find out a lot more about Palm’s wireless earbuds on October 26, when the company officially announces its brand new product. Stay tuned, as we’ll report back once we find out more about the new product.

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