Palm Adds GSM Bluetooth Tethering Prior to Pre Plus, Pixi Plus Launch

It looks like Europeans won’t need to wait for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, both announced earlier at CES, with the webOS app that turns the device into a MiFi and allows WiFi sharing of mobile broadband data. The latest webOS revision, now at version, brings Bluetooth tethering to European Palm Pre and Pixi devices running on GSM. The move to include Bluetooth tethering may be a mixed blessing as data would have to go through the Bluetooth bottleneck, reducing your throughput speed. However, Bluetooth uses less battery power than WiFi so you can run longer, but you most likely can’t share your data connection with up to five devices liked the promise app that turns your WiFi-enabled webOS device into a MiFi router.

(via: PreCentral)

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