OnePlus names its ROM OxygenOS, shares details about the software

OnePlus and Cyanogen have seen many bumps in the road with their relationship. First it was Cyanogen disagreeing with a contest run by the company (largely seen as sexist). Then it was the India fiasco, when Cyanogen left OnePlus in a tough spot following a deal with Micromax to have exclusive access to the company’s operating system in the country. So OnePlus grew sick of it, and now the company is developing its own ROM to reduce its dependence on what the flagship One shipped with. Today, after running a contest to try to gather a group of possible names, OnePlus has officially announced that its ROM will take the name OxygenOS.

The reason for the naming, says OnePlus, is because of all the qualities of oxygen. It represents simplicity, while not lacking in the department of power, and that’s what OnePlus is striving for in the creation of this custom software. The ethos used in the construction of the OnePlus One is still at play here, which is “Never Settle.” OnePlus promises to refine the ROM to a level where it is an absolute joy to use, though this company is one we aren’t eager to trust the promises of following multiple broken ones.

More information will be available on February 12, according to the OEM, so we’ll share that with you as we learn of it.

Source: OnePlus

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