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OnePlus reveals the crew behind OxygenOS

By Stephen Schenck February 12, 2015, 10:31 am

February 12 is upon us – the date we’ve been told to expect news about OnePlus’s efforts to give its users a new software option beyond CyanogenMod, the new OxygenOS. We’ve already gotten some early looks at a possible OxygenOS candidate, but with so little formally known about this project, we’ve been eagerly anticipating today’s update. Would we get word of a release timetable? As it turns out, OnePlus has something a little different in mind, and is taking today to introduce us to the OxygenOS team.

If you’re already a big custom ROM guy you’re going to see some familiar names here, as OnePlus recruits a number of developers from Paranoid Android. Those include PA team leader Aaron Gascoigne, serving a similar role as the technical lead for OxygenOS, UI guru Arz Bhatia, dev Carlo Savignano, software architect Hieu Nguyen, and PA co-founder Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo. They’re joined by faces with experience at big firms like Microsoft and Google.


If you were at all worried that breaking away from Cyanogen might mean that OnePlus gets stuck with a second-rate ROM, we hope all these experienced names offer you some level of comfort.

Beyond introducing the new team, OnePlus also shares its new OxygenOS logo (below), and talks about its commitment to making the software bloat-free and extremely efficient. It also talks about wanting to make the first public version of OxygenOS a super-stable one, so don’t expect any beta preview releases.


Source: OnePlus
Via: Android Central


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