Although it’s not as affordable as its “flagship-killing” forerunners, the $479 and up OnePlus 5 still substantially undercuts the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the HTC U11 or even LG G6 outside of some sweet deals that often come with compromises or strings attached.

Also considering the OnePlus 5 packs at least 6GB RAM, we never expected perfection from it. God knows the iPhone 7 Plus-cloning 5.5-inch Android has its share of flaws, but OxygenOS developers appear to be literally getting no sleep in their efforts to iron out as many kinks as fast as humanly possible.

Sadly, the highly publicized “jelly” scrolling effect is still not deemed a glitch, with the Chinese OEM’s software engineers instead focused on “optimizing” Wi-Fi connectivity and standby battery.

More importantly, the over-the-air OxygenOS 4.5.7 update brings EIS for 4K video recording to the OnePlus 5. That’s Electronic Image Stabilization for those not fluent in photography jargon, which isn’t as helpful as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) functionality, but it’s pretty much the next best thing. And mind you, this bad boy’s dual rear camera setup was already a “serious” contender for the world heavyweight title.

Other enhancements, arguably less important but still more than welcomed, include a fancy new OnePlus Slate font, July security patches, the latest GMS package and a trio of specific bug fixes tackling “occasional sound leaks”, a minor camera shutter issue and “missing sound channels when recording videos.”

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