Overview of CyanogenMod 7-RC0 Gingerbread on T-Mobile’s G2

One of our viewers decided to go the extra-mile and cooked up an unreleased version of CyanogenMod ROM, complete with the Gingerbread bits from the AOSP for the T-Mobile G2. What’s it like? In a word, it’s awesome! Is it ready to eat? Not yet.

This is basically an unofficial “preview release” of what will become CyanogenMod 7. It hasn’t met the “release candidate” stage (yet), and most of the custom CyanogenMod bits are missing. The camera (both still and video) don’t currently work, GPS is slow, Wi-Fi is buggy, and the soft keyboard is Japanese. Calling, Bluetooth, and basic functionality are all mostly there.

How soon will CyanogenMod 7 be released? In Cyanogen’s own words: “when it’s ready”. Unlike other community developers, he doesn’t release his ROMs until they are “feature complete” (we just won’t mention Wi-Max). Stay tuned to pocketnow.com, we’ll let you know when CyanogenMod 7 is ready for testing and prime time. In the meantime, grab a copy of ROM Manager to make flashing the custom ROMs that much easier when they are released.

Thanks: TheDeadCPU

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