Last week’s Windows 10 event brought us the latest preview of not just Microsoft’s direction for the next evolution of its operating system, but also of some of the key software titles that users will be working with. That means a lot of members from the Office family of products, and while this software may call Microsoft’s own platforms home, the company’s been working towards making more and more of these titles available for users of other mobile ecosystems. Today Microsoft makes the next step in such efforts, taking the Android tablet versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint out of “preview” status and making them free downloads in the Play Store, as well as introducing new Outlook apps for Android and iOS.

Now, Outlook’s been on non-Microsoft mobile platforms before, but this is a huge change from past efforts, built with code from Microsoft’s acquisition of Acompli. While older apps will still function for now, Microsoft’s pushing hard to transition users to these new releases.

Productivity is key for the new Outlook apps, and features like customizable swipe gestures are intended to give users the tools they need to quickly and easily manage the torrents of email some of us find ourselves wading through on a daily basis. You’ll also discover a powerful search function, calendar management features, cloud integration, and UIs crafted to naturally mesh with both Android and iOS system designs, respectively.

Microsoft’s releasing both versions today, though the Android build is still marked as a preview release. That’s because the iOS version has more features and has been optimized for tighter performance, though Microsoft insists that it’s not done working on the Android version just yet, and that it will remove that preview label once the apps finally reach parity.

Source: Microsoft
Via: ZDNet

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