Yes, we’re on week two of yapping Galaxy S8. But we wanted turn the conversation around to the editors and YouTubers doing the reviews — how did they handle being under the pressure of an embargo? If they weren’t under one and just decided to get shove videos out as fast as possible, how does that forward the mobile tech conversation? And with all the hard work people put into this content, does the pageantry of it all nullify any of the elbow grease?

This week, we chat with a guy that’s had to research a whole bunch of Galaxy S8 reviews, Engadget social media manager Evan Rodgers. Make sure you’re charged and ready for the Pocketnow Weekly!

Watch the video recorded from 3:10pm Eastern on April 27th, or check out the high-quality audio version right here. You can shoot your listener emails to [email protected] for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air the following week!

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April 27, 2017


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News Summary


The news, now in delivered in three quick minutes, and a little bit of discussion.

The Galaxy S8 metareview


See you soon!

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