What makes a smartphone “smart”? The apps of course! Every week we will feature some of the best newest or updated apps for the three big names in the mobile industry; iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. We have sifted through hundred of apps and have deemed these 12 the most noteworthy for you, the smartphone enthusiast. To download any of these apps to your respective platform just click on the name of the app to launch the AppStore, Windows Marketplace, or Google Play.



Sidecar.meA free app

Sidecar.me is an innovative app that lets you share live video, photos, and locations all while talking on a call. Sidecar.me also lets users call non-Sidecar.me users for free anywhere in the US and Canada over Wi-Fi. If the other party is a Sidecar.me user you can share live video, photos, and your location. With the location sharing you can easily meet up with your friends. If you want to text another Sidecar.me user just send a private text message during a call, and keep the conversation going when it’s hard to talk.

Our number four iPhone app this week is Sidecar.me. This frugal app allows you to make free calls anywhere in the US or Canada over a Wi-Fi connection. Sharing videos, photos, and locations with other Sidecar.me users is convenient and simple.


DJayA paid app that costs $1.99

Want to transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable DJ system? With DJay you can seamlessly integrate your music library into the app and begin mixing tracks into a single song. DJay has an intuitive dual turntable setup that beautifully morphs to each turntable individually, allowing you to beat-match, adjust EQs, loop, and cue with even greater precision and control.

Our number three app this week is DJay for iPhone or iPod touch. Simply select the audio tracks that you would like to mix and DJay will either automatically blend the beats together or you can manually set them yourself. Add nifty turntable sounds like morphs and scratches. Loop the tracks together and save the audio to your iOS device.


Expand ItA paid app that costs $0.99

Expand It is a totally new game concept
 based on the popular flash game with 15 million fans

. The game is simple to play; all you have to do is touch the colorful dinosaurs and they will instantly inflate. Reach the rainbow at the top of the screen to move on to the next level. Only by using the correct strategy can you create a perfect chain reaction of rolling, falling and bursting creatures.

Our number two app this week is Expand It. This game is fun for anyone that enjoys puzzle games. The gameplay is simple enough for beginners to pick up on and difficult enough to keep experts coming back for more. Be quick to place the little geometric dinosaurs into their appropriate spaces quickly to earn three stars. Avoid obstacles that will kill off your necessary Expand It creatures, or use those obstacles to reach the rainbow goal.


Oh, Ranger! Park Finder – A free app

With Oh Ranger! Park Finder you can search through over 50,000 local, state, and national parks. This travel app provides information to help you find and plan a trip to virtually every park in the United States. Search for parks based upon the activities you want to do, from horse back riding to rock climbing.

Oh, Ranger! Park Finder is our number one app this week. It’s intuitive ability to search for a state, national, or local Park by activity will help anyone find a park perfect for his or her needs. Use location services to find the closest park to your proximity and get detailed information about the kinds of activities and features the park has.



Photo StudioA free app

Photo Studio for Android is a great app for both amateur and professional photographers alike. Turn your Android into a fantastic photo editing studio with 24 effects in various categories along with photo optimizations such as: brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation, resize, rotate, and crop. Save the images to your Android Gallery or share them with friends.

Photo Studio takes the number four spot this week for Android apps. Whether you are a professional photographer or just a beginner, the Photo Studio app will make your Android captured photos even better. Lower end Androids especially benefit from the Photo Studio app by providing users with more customization and advanced settings.


20 QuestionsA paid app that costs $0.99

Remember that little handheld game where you would ask it 20 Questions and it would magically know exactly what you were thinking about? The 20 Questions app for Android is an innovative app with artificial intelligence that will guess exactly what you are thinking. In this game, the app will try to guess what you’re thinking. It will ask you a series of questions and continue to guess what it is until it has a certain idea of what it could be.

Our number three Android app this week is 20 Questions. It is amazing how intelligent this app is at distinguishing exactly what you are thinking. Although the game is simple, it provides hours of entertainment by trying to stump the computer.


SongifyA free app

Songify turns speech and audio into a song on your Android. Just speak or record audio into the Songify app and in a few seconds it will create a unique song. Songify is the official app of the Gregory Brothers, creators of the AutoTune The News series on YouTube, and other viral video hits like “Bed Intruder Song”, “Can’t Hug Every Cat”, “Double Rainbow”, and “Winning.”

Our number two app this week is Songify for Android. Songify has revolutionized the way wacky news clips are created. By just speaking into your Songify app you can make your own zany song. Upload the song to the Songify boards so others can listen to and rate your renderings.


Gallery+A paid app that costs $2.99

Gallery+ is a great way to access Pinterest on your Android. Upload photos to your Pinterest boards instantly and view up-to-date posts in each board. Search for Pins by keyword and mark the posts that you like. Rearrange posts by touching the image to enlarge it and move it to your favorite categories. With the Gallery+ app you can also check likes, comments, and other’s Pinterest posts.

We rate the Gallery+ app as our number one this week for Android. Pinterest is a great website for anyone that wants to show off their personal likes, and Gallery+ makes it easy to share your image collage with friends or family. Post comments on other’s posts or add their posts to your Pinterest account.


Windows Phone

Tweet ScoutA free app

Tweet Scout makes it easy for you search through Twitter to find virtually anything relating to a topic. Want to find out what others are Tweeting about? Just type in a keyword or two and Tweet Scout will scour through millions of Tweets to find exactly what you are looking for. Get unbiased product reviews from actual users, keep up on news and sports instantly, and much more specific to your language.

Our number four Windows Phone app this week is Tweet Scout. This app allows you to search though every publically posted Twitter feed to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are planning on buying a new product, just use the Tweet Scout app to see what other consumers are saying about the product you are interested in, to make a determination if the product is right for you. Choose your language in the settings to filter the results.


Slot MachineA free app

Take a cybernetic trip to Las Vegas by playing the new Slot Machine game for Windows Phone. Not only does this game have many Slot Machines but you can also play popular games like roulette, baccarat, solitaire, spider solitaire, video poker, UNO, Texas poker, card ace, blackjack, and dice.

Our number three Windows Phone app this week is Slot Machine. This all-in-one casino style game has many slots to choose from, in addition to the card and dice games. The graphics are nice and provide an attractively smooth style of gameplay.


InstaCamA free app

Although the Instagram app is popular on other platforms, Windows Phone has been without. With the InstaCam app you can make your own photos unique by adding one over 23 neat filters and 9 great frames and share them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Weibo, Vkontakte and Flickr. Unfortunately due to Instagram’s policies you will not be able to post to Instagram at this time, but hopefully there will be an update in the near future to allow such uploads.

InstaCam take the spot at number two this week for Windows Phone apps. Although you are unable to post to Instagram at this time, the InstaCam app provides easy to use photo editing software and frames. Sharing the photos is simple across many photo sharing sites and social networks.


PhotosynthA free app

Photosynth is the best panorama app Windows Phone. This app makes it simple to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events. Capture 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, making a perfect “sphere” of images. You can show off the inside of your new house, share an awe inspiring mountain top view, or capture a sphere of practically anything. The app is uses the latest in computer vision techniques to automatically snap photos using the accelerometer and gyroscope to know exactly where the next picture should be.

Photosynth is our number one Windows Phone app this week. Photosynth has been available on other platforms for a long time and is finally seeing some Windows Phone love. Created by Microsoft, the Photosynth app is truly the best way to capture panorama photos with a Windows Phone. Taking pictures is easy; just stand in one position and rotate your device around in a large sphere; Photosynth will automatically capture the images and stitch them together. Save the Photosynth projects onto your Windows Phone and share them others.