What makes a smartphone “smart”? The apps of course! Every week we will feature some of the best newest or updated apps for the three big names in the mobile industry; iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. We have sifted through hundred of apps and have deemed these 12 the most noteworthy for you, the smartphone enthusiast. To download any of these apps to your respective platform just click on the name of the app to launch the AppStore, Windows Marketplace, or Google Play.




Earth LapseA paid app that costs $0.99

With Earth Lapse you can explore amazing interactive time-lapse views from the International Space Station. You cannot only view the interactive time-lapse scenes by also manipulate them with the touch of your finger. View worldwide weather, listen to relaxing soundtracks, or use your iOS device as a clock on your desk or nightstand. The images were photographed by astronauts aboard the International Space Station and provide an awe inspired perspective of the world below.

Earth Lapse takes the number four spot this week for iPhone apps. The Earth Lapse app allows you to view the world as the astronauts see it from the International Space Station. Interact with the interface and manipulate the images to your liking.


Nike Golf 360A free app

If you enjoy golfing you will definitely like the Nike Golf 360 app. This app allows you to track the scores of up to four golfers with the integrated scorecards. Download scorecards from more than 13,000 courses to keep score even without a data connection. Track your statistics over multiple game so you will know where you need to improve on and what you are doing right. Upload videos of your strokes and get help from your friends or Swoosh Staff PGA Professionals. With the Niki Golf 360 app you can even access helpful tips and exercise routines to enhance your driving distance or putter control.

Our number three app this week for iPhone is the Nike Golf 360 app. This all-in-one golfing app will not only allow you to keep track of your scores from thousands of different courses but also help you hone your skills when you are not playing. View tutorials created by the best golfers around and get personalized feedback for your own golf swings.


Yahoo TimeTravler – A free app

If you plan on visiting a new city this summer be sure to take along Yahoo TimeTraveler. This app is your all-in-one source for dozens of popular cities around the world. To use the guides, just set your start and end points, how much time you have available and TimeTraveler will create a custom itinerary to guide you on your adventures. The integrated map support provides routing and directions so you won’t get lost in the foreign surrounding. Generate multiple trips and share your travels with friends or family through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our number two app this week for iPhone is Yahoo TimeTraveler. With summer (in the northern hemisphere) just around the corner it is a great time to start planning vacations and trips to new cities. The Yahoo TimeTraveler app lets you create customized itineraries for popular cities from around the world. With the TimeTraveler on hand you will be able to get them most out of your trip in the amount of time you set aside for excursions.


Slingshot RacingA paid app that costs $0.99

Slingshot Racing is an innovative steampunk style game where you propel your racecar through the tracks by attaching your grappling hook on the turns and flinging to increase speed. There are many tracks to play though in different worlds in both day and night settings. The graphics of Slingshot Racing are phenomenal and gameplay is both fun and addictive. Race against other players in the multiplayer mode or try your hand at the campaign mode and race through a career of 64 tracks.

Slingshot Racing takes the number one spot this week for iPhone. This fun yet challenging racing game is both innovative in graphic design and gameplay. Competing against other racers is a nice enhancement to any mobile game and Slingshot Racing has incorporated it very well.



Windows Phone


Metro WordSearch A free app

Metro WordSearch is an easy to play word search game in which you must find the hidden words in the game board in the shortest possible time. Choose between three different difficulty levels from various languages. Try to finish the levels quickly to add your score to the online ratings list.

Our number four app this week is Metro WordSearch. Although a word search game might seem useless, this version delivers a unique Windows Phone flair. Play through different levels in the shortest time period and post your score to the leaderboard to see where you rank.


Smartboard Calculator A free and $4.99 full version app

Smartboard Calculator is powerful calculating utility inspired by the old-school blackboard that allows you to work with grids and export your results to spreadsheets. The Smartboard Calculator will out perform the standard Windows Phone stock calculator in many factions such as incorporating grids, computing calculus type functions, converting various units, and solving equations related to diverse mathematical categories (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics problems). Export your solutions to Excel and backup all your app history to SkyDrive and restore it if you need to.

Windows Phone and other mobile devices have pretty limited calculators and this is why we have placed the Smartboard Calculator as the number three spot this week. This calculator provides many enhanced problem solving tools to help anyone manage their finances, compute calculus related equations and much more.


YouRang  – A free app

YouRang is the best and easiest way to turn your favorite YouTube videos into ringtones. Just search through YouTube for the videos you want to extract the audio from and YouRang will automatically convert them into personalized ringtones. This app is easy to use and allows you to give your Windows Phone a little bit of customization.

Our number two app this week is YouRang. Customization is somewhat clandestine to Windows Phone users these days but thankfully some developers are providing apps that allow you to enhance your smartphone. YouRang is an easy to use app that lets you download audio from videos posted to YouTube and use them as your ringtone. Try one of those funny Songify clips or your favorite music video.


Archer A free app

Master your archery skills on your Windows Phone with Archer. The Archer game has smooth gameplay, amazing graphics, and realistic sound. To play just pull your bow down, aim the arrow at the target by moving your hand on the screen, confirm the target’s distance, and compensate for the wind. Play in three game modes; Single Mode, VS Mode, and Training Mode.

Our number one Windows Phone app this week is Archer. This fun to play game lets anyone master their Robin Hood-like shooting abilities. Having the ability to play with friends and family makes this game fun for the whole group. The graphics are smooth and game play is easy to perfect with a little bit of practice.




Logo Quiz A free app

Do you feel like you would know a company’s logo without fail? Try to guess the brands of hundred of companies based on their logos. Logos that have text incorporated into the trademark have been removed to make this quiz even more challenging. Guessing the logos requires spelling to be perfect so even if you are think you know what the logo is, it must be spelled correctly to unlock it.

With company logos being everywhere it seems logical to make a game out of trying to decipher which logo belongs to which brand. We rate Logo Quiz at our number four spot this week. This challenging quiz will test your wits and memory with images of hundreds of popular company logos. There is one annoying aspect of this quiz though, you must spell the names of the logos exactly or you will not be able to unlock that particular brand.


Trainyard – A paid app that cost $0.99

Trainyard has been around for iOS for a while and is now available for Android. This puzzle game is easy to play yet tough to master. The object of the game is to get the train to its appropriate station by drawing tracks for them on the screen to follow. Although the first few levels are easy, don’t let that fool you, soon you will need to time the trains perfectly to avoid collisions, combine different colored trains to fuse together to form another color, and switch tracks on or off to guide the trains to their appropriate stations.

This week we place Trainyard at the number three spot for Android. This game is both challenging and addicitive and will provide hours of entertainment for anyone that enjoys puzzle games. The gameplay is simple to master and the tutorials show you exactly what you will need to do in order to get your trains to their designated stations.


Easy Video Player  A free app

Easy Video Player is a great all around video playback app for Android. This app has incorporated multiple codecs to play virtually any video on your Android or network without having to convert them to other formats. Play 1080p and 720p HD videos if your device will support them. Easily scan your entire Android to find videos embedded on your internal memory and external SD card. Transfer videos via Wi-Fi to and from your Android to your computer or network drive without having to use USB. Another great feature about Easy Video Player is that it allows you to keep your private videos private by locking them in a protected folder away from snooping eyes.

We rate Easy Video Player at number two this week. This app incorporates many codecs into the programing to help even the novice user play their video files. Being able to download and upload videos to your computer or network is simple and straightforward. Another nice feature is being able to protect your private videos from unwanted viewers.


Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 2 A paid app that costs $6.99

Sonic 4 Episode 2 is the sequel to the popular Sonic the Hedgehog 4 game available for multiple platforms. Start off where episode 1 left off with the help of your sidekick, Tails, to defeat villains and Dr. Eggman. Race across four brand new zones and take down new enemies with deadly combination moves in order to put an end to Dr. Eggman’s evil plans. Play collaboratively with friend over a Bluetooth connection and take control of Sonic and Tails as they battle against Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic. Users who own both Episodes I & II will unlock an exclusive scenario featuring Metal Sonic.

Our number one app this week is Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 2. As the sequel to the popular Sonic the Hedgehog game, this new story starts where the last one left off. Sonic and Tails team up and the game control systems are easy to use. Users with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered device will especially enjoy the fluid graphics and speed that the developers of Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 2 have used to base their game upon.


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