What makes a smartphone “smart”? The apps of course! Every week we will feature some of the best newest or updated apps for the three big names in the mobile industry; iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. We have sifted through hundred of apps and have deemed these 12 the most noteworthy for you, the smartphone enthusiast. To download any of these apps to your respective platform just click on the name of the app to launch the AppStore, Windows Marketplace, or Google Play.



Tracks – A free app

Tracks is a great app for anyone that wants to share their photos with you they were intended. With many people being ridiculed at work for posting a crazy night out on Facebook, Tracks helps to create a filter so only the people you want to see them view the photos you take. There are many photo enhancement filters available to give your images a professional and stylistic appeal. Capture multiple pictures at once with multi-shot, manually adjust the focus and exposure, geotag to keep track of where the photos were taken, and much more.

For this week we put Tracks at our number 4 spot. This app makes it easy to keep your photos viewable to whom they were intended. The app has many advanced features that make photo capture on your iPhone or iDevice simple yet professional.


Flipboard – A free app

Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other social media networks. 

 Flipboard lets you create personalized pages of photos, news, and other updates.

We have chose Flipboard as our number 3 app this week because it allows you to stay connected to what is most important to you in one application. There is now no need to switch between social media apps to get the latest updates to your iDevice. With this current update there is more fluid transitions between your feeds and a more intuitive interface.


Foodspotting A free app 

Foodspotting is a unique visual guide to good food and where to find it. Although this app has been around since 2010 it has come a long way to providing an enormous data base filled with photos that users have submitted from their favorite and least favorite restaurants. The Foodspotting app is easy to both share and search photos and ratings of plates full of food.

Foodspotting takes the number 2 spot this week because it has revamped the way we dine out. A new interface makes it easy to see what is on the menu at restaurants you plan on visiting and are currently at. Just snap a pick of your plate and share with fellow Foodspotters so they will be able to see if the establishment is right for them.


The Weather Channel – A free app

The Weather Channel provides some of the most accurate and relevant weather forecasts around the globe. While The Weather Channel isn’t a new app, the redesigned interface makes it much more seamless to navigate between locations. View beautiful backgrounds in each location that reflect how the weather is currently outside or add your own images to give The Weather Channel app a more customized look. With a prominent severe weather alert icon you will be able to stay informed during emergent situations.

We give The Weather Channel the number 1 spot this week. With many advance changes to the user interface it makes for an easy to use and customizable weather application. Share your current weather photos with others through social media networks so local users can see how the weather currently is in their area.


Windows Phone


SoundrivinA free app

Soundrivin lets you to access your SoundCloud account from your Windows Phone. Listen to your favorite tracks, add new songs to your playlists, share with others, and find friends online. The Soundriving app has a stylistic interface that makes navigating between songs easy.

This week we put the Soundrivin app at the number 4 spot for its easy to use interface to find music you love. You can even record music or audio and share it to your SoundCloud account.


Draw With FriendsA free and $0.99 full version app

Although other drawing games have been available for other platforms, Windows Phone has been a little neglected, until now. Draw With Friends is a great app to share your artistic side while guessing other Windows Phone creations. The game is simple to play, just select a word, draw an image pertaining to the word, and share it with your friend. There are multiple words to choose from to draw and the more difficult the word is to draw the more coins you earn.

Draw With Friends earns the number 3 position the week for providing hours of entertainment for all ages. Some words might be difficult to draw but by using a little imagination anyone can master the more challenging words.


FlightAware – A free app

If you travel often you will really enjoy live flight tracking information from FlightAware for Windows Phone. This app allows you to track the real-time flight status for aircrafts from around the world. Search by flight number, airline, city, or airport code. The tracking data includes complete flight details with full-screen map views.

We put the FlightAware app at the number 2 position for this week. With many flight tracking apps are available in the Windows Marketplace, few give you as many features as the FlightAware app, especially for being free. On your next trip don’t be without the FlightAware app to stay up to date with flight information and changes. If you are being picked up from the airport, or picking someone else up, the FlightAware app makes it easy to see when the aircraft will be landing to avoid waiting at the terminal gate.


Feed Me OilA trial and $0.99 full version app 

Windows Phone has produced some of the best games available for a mobile device. The Feed Me Oil Xbox Live game is a challenging puzzle adventure where you must get oil from a broken pipe to the mouths of some strange creatures. With the help of multiple tools you will be able to maneuver the oil through the obstacles to the creatures mouths. Discover new tools and obstacles to test your mental capacities.

We place Feed Me Oil at the number 1 spot this week. This Xbox Live game will keep you entertained for a long time as you try to solve each level. Feed the oil to the monsters underground with the assistance of many tools.



Word Search A free app

Although the game Word Search has been around forever, it has not been as elegantly presented as it is in the Word Search app for Android. Sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and challenge yourself to solve a puzzle with this interactive and addictive play off a classic word search game. Choose your own customizable grid size, how many words you want, and even select which language you want to play.

We rate Word Search as our number 4 app this week. Word Search provides an elegant way to waste a few minutes during your day. Try to earn a score as high as possible to place your name on the leader board.


Air Wing (Pro) A free and $2.98 full version app

If you have ever dreamed of flying a fighter jet, then Air Wing is that app for you. This app puts you in the pilot seat of some of the fastest aircrafts around. Master the missions and training exercises from landing on an aircraft carrier, to flying a helicopter, shoot targets, and much more.

We place Air Wing at the number 3 spot this week. This realistic flight simulator let your pilot some of the most advanced aircrafts every created from the comfort and safety of your Android device.


Color Splash FX A free app

With Color Splash FX you can create stunning works of art from your photos in seconds. Color Splash FX works by turning your color photos black and white, then lets you bring the color back by selecting areas with your finger. Zoom in or out to precisely position where you want the color to appear.

We place Color Splash FX at our number 2 spot this week. The easy to use interface makes it simple to highlight the areas in your photos where you want the color to be. If you want to give your photos a Pleasantville appeal be sure to try Color Splash FX.


MachinariumA paid app that costs $3.99

Machinarium has been around for iOS and Mac for awhile and is now available for Android. Help navigate a clever little robot called Josef from the scrapheap into the city to save his robot girlfriend. The game will have you solving puzzles, going on quests, and playing mini-games to rid the city of the wicked Black Cap Brotherhood robots.

We rate Machinarium as our number 1 Android app this week. This app is beautifully created and the missions are both challenging and well thought out. Sometimes it may seem that you are unable to solve the next puzzle, with a little ingenuity you will be on your way to save Josef’s robot love.


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