What makes a smartphone “smart”? The apps of course! Every week we will feature some of the best newest or updated apps for the three big names in the mobile industry; iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. We have sifted through hundred of apps and have deemed these 12 the most noteworthy for you, the smartphone enthusiast. To download any of these apps to your respective platform just click on the name of the app to launch the AppStore, Windows Marketplace, or Google Play.



Kitchenator – A paid app that costs $0.99


Kitchenator is a unit convertor for nearly everything related to baking or cooking. Just select the unit that you want to convert, how much you will need, and view the total calculated. This simple to use app will help you convert from US measurements to metric and vise versa.

We chose Kitchenator as our number 4 app this week because after speaking with many friends that enjoy cooking and baking we came to the conclusion that many people have trouble converting different volumes and measurements in the kitchen. This app is easy to use and will help anyone having trouble calculating over a bowl of ingredients.

VSCO CamA free app


VSCO Cam is a camera app with stylish processing options. The sleek interface and modernized workflow enable you to quickly create beautiful images to share through multiple social networks. VSCO Cam creates some of the best results using the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4, but also plays nicely with the iPhone 3GS and other iOS hardware with cameras.

Our number 3 app is VSCO Cam because it is easy to use and ties well with iOS device that have a camera. Just snap the pictures and save them to your device or share them with others.

SnipSnap Coupon AppA free app


Every week we receive coupons in the mail with some great money saving offers, but cutting those coupons can be tasking. With SnipSnap you will be able to save an image of the coupon directly to your iDevice and use them at participating locations. Search through other user’s recently snapped coupons and save them to your SnipSnap app. Redeem the coupons just like you would if you had the actual coupon in hand.

The SnipSnap Coupon App has many useful features such as in-store reminders to let you know that you have coupons available when you enter a store. Post your snipped coupons to Facebook or Twitter to share with friends. Get alerts when your coupons are about to expire.

Our number 2 app will help you save time by not having to clip coupons anymore. Just snap a picture of the coupons and use them at stores locally and online.

Harry Potter Years 5-7 – A paid app that costs $4.99

lego harry

Harry Potter has just grown up a bit in the latest update to the Lego Harry Potter series, years 5-7. If you have played the previous version of Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 you will absolutely enjoy continuing the saga through the final chapters. Join Harry in his heroic endeavors to learn new spells, lessons, and duels to defeat Lord Voldemort.

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 features full 3D graphics with intuitive touch screen controls. There are 25 achievements to unlock and an expansion pack that lets you hone your dueling skills against other villains.

In our number 1 app for this we week bring you to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. We chose this as our number 1 app because with the huge following and great game play it makes for a truly valuable app that will provide hours of entertainment.


Windows Phone

StoregateA free app


With Storegate you can access your Internet hard drive directly through your Windows Phone 7 device from virtually anywhere. Just sign up for a free 30 Storegate account which has 25GB of online storage and if you like the service you can extend your time period by the month or for an entire year. Other storage sizes of 50GB and 100GB are available.

Our number 4 app this week is Storegate because it provides many gigabytes of online storage to backup between your Windows Phone and your computer. The reason we gave it the number 4 position is because after the 30 day trial the price is a little expensive in comparison to Skydrive which continues to be free.

Extreme Flight PremiumA free and paid app that costs $0.99

extreme flight

The Extreme Flight Premium game allows you to fly your plane through incredible heights, breathtaking loops, and many other obstacles.

The object of the game is to pass through rings that are situated in different parts of the screen. Position the plane in the correct way to score the most amount of point available while performing aerial acrobatics. To open every next level you will need to pass all the levels of a zone before being able to open a new one.

Our number 3 new app is Extreme Flight Premium because it is not only a fun game but also provides hours of entertainment. The game is simple enough for children yet challenging enough for the veteran gamer alike.

FastMallA free app


Now you can navigate any mall map on your Windows Phone 7 device. Justdownload the mall map you want to visit and navigate through the mall without the need for GPS or an Internet connection.

The number 2 app this week is FastMall. In the past if you needed to find a retailer at an unfamiliar mall was to search around for a directory and try to decipher where you are and where the store is that you are looking for. With FastMall you can use your Windows Phone to download the mall maps and use the innovative navigation interface without the need for Wi-Fi or GPS to find your location in the mall.

PedometerA free app


Want to keep track of your step, literally? Pedometer Free is a simple to use app that has an extremely accurate step count. The app uses the accelerometer information to count exactly how many steps you have taken. Pedometer Free also has a very accurate distance calculator by imputing your step stride in inches and the app will do the rest.

Our number 1 app this week for Windows Phone is an innovation to mobile apps. For years there have been issues with trying to produce an accurate pedometer app and the developers responsible for Pedometer Free have come up with an easy to use app that records not only your number of steps but also how far you have traveled. The only downside to using this app is that the battery might drain a little faster than normally because the app has to be open in order for it to record.



Print Magic PlatinumA paid app that costs $2.99


With Print Magic Platinum you can wirelessly print to your Wi-Fi or network enabled printers from your Android device. The app works without needing to install any extra software to print files or images from your Android to hundreds of printers by different manufactures. Use Print Magic’s free PC app to wirelessly print to your wired printer connected to your computer. Print from web pages, PDF files, photos, and much more.

While some native devices have built in printing software they only work for specific manufactures (Samsung Android to Samsung Wi-Fi Printer). Our number 4 app solves the issue of not being able to print from your Android with their built in drivers that work with virtually any printer connected to a network or a PC.

Easy Downloader Pro – A free app

easy download

One issue with Android and other mobile platforms is the inability to download large files over the mobile browser. With Easy Downloader Pro you can download large files effectively and quickly without having the download fail. It cannot only enable you download large files in different formats easily, but also help you organize all the files in a nicely displayed folder.

Easy Downloader Pro Free is our number 3 app because it solves a major problem that has plagued mobile browsers for a long time, not being able to download large files. Just select which files you would like to download and Easy Downloader Pro will do the rest.

Scramble With FriendsA free and paid app that costs $0.99


If you have played Words With Friends and other word games on your Android smartphone you will really enjoy Scramble With Friends. Since now only the free advertisement based version has been available but now you can get rid of the ads and upgrade your coins (bonuses) quickly with the paid version. Scramble With Friends is similar to Boggle with bonuses that allow you to turn the playing board, get inspiration on words, and freeze the timer for a little bit of time. The game is fast paced and highly addictive.

The number 2 app this week is Scramble With Friends because it is probably one of the most addictive word games ever created for mobile platforms. Unlike Words With Friends, Scrambled With Friends makes it difficult for others to cheat so you know you are actually matching wits instead of your opponent just imputing their Words With Friends letters into an anagram solver.

Instagram – A free app


While Instagram has been around awhile for iOS it is now available for Android. To take professional looking photos just pick from one of several filter effects to capture phenomenal mobile pictures. Transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family over many social networks. Your photos are displayed in a simple timeline to keep everything in chronological order. Every day you open up Instagram, you’ll see new photos from your closest friends and family.

Instagram takes the top spot this week at number 1. This app makes it easy to share and capture photos on your Android and arrange the pictures into an easy to follow chronological order. Many sites now offer ways to order your Instagram photos to professional looking canvases, photo books, and much more.


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