This is our Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P wishlist

With Google finally setting a date and sending out invites for an event just a week from today, the new Nexus phones (Yes, phones, plural!) are almost upon us. We’re expecting one from LG and one from Huawei, and despite various hardware leaks we’ve been reporting on, we really don’t know all that much about the phones yet. The photos we’ve seen have mostly been of the typical “Mr. Blurrycam” fashion, and most will agree that the devices we’re seeing look like early prototype builds, but all will be revealed next Tuesday. In the mean time, we polled the Pocketnow team and asked what everyone wants to see, speculation be damned, in the new Nexus phones, which we currently know as the “5X” and the “6P.”

Joe Levi - PocketnowJoe Levi

Joe’s list is fairly simple. For starters, what would a new Nexus be without the latest version of Android? So of course, he wants Android Marshmallow. He also wants bigger batteries in each unit — Google showed off battery saving features for Marshmallow at I/O 2015, but as the saying goes … why not both? “I still want a microSD slot,” Joe says, “even though I know I’ll never get one.” Both need to work with Project Fi … and as we briefly touched on in last week’s episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, why not include a SIM right in the box to push awareness?

Joe also wants accessories, namely a smart flip cover, and USB Type C. And would the newer, faster Qi wireless charging be too much to ask? Joe says he’d like USB 3.0 charging speeds, or Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 (wouldn’t we all), but he doubts either will happen … maybe Quick Charge 2.0. Lastly, give us AMOLED, and a dark theme to go along with it, dammit!

Adam Doud

Adam Doud - PocketnowMany people were disappointed with the release of the Nexus 6 because of its price tag. They weren’t entirely right, but they weren’t entirely wrong either. A relatively quick price cut showed what the Nexus 6 was actually worth, at least in the minds of the consumer. The Nexus line has never been a consumer product – it’s more for the geeks and those interested in buying phones outright – a minority in the US. But if it wants to be a consumer product, then the price has to be lower and competitive against similar phones – like the OnePlus two and the Moto X 2015.

More than that though, this phone needs a great camera. Google is so pround of its Google Photos app – and well that it should be – but the photos there must have been taken with Samsung Notes because lord know the Nexus 6 didn’t take those shots. The camera has been ok on the last three generations. Ok is no longer good enough. Make the phone shine.

And don’t make it too big. The Nexus 6 was just too much phone. 5.5″ is the max.

Dushyant ShrikhandeDushyant Shrikhande

To be honest all that’s required is better battery life (which is possible), and a better camera (which will not happen). Android Marshmallow should have a dark theme, and the multi-window mode that was buried in the code would be nice to see, although I do not see that happening.

To be honest though, some different color options and 32/64/128 GB options and scrapping the 16 GB would be nice, genuinely.


starfleet-communicatorMichael Fisher

I want wireless charging on both, and I want it to be dual-standard (Qi and PMA) like the Samsung devices. I want more color options than just a light and a dark option, and some additional personalization would be nice as well. I want high-speed charging on both. I want the fingerprint scanners to double as trackpads ala Mate S. I want physical silence switches ala OP2, but I know those aren’t likely. Most of all, I want a Nexus I actually want to buy, for reasons other than price!

Stephen Schenck

stephen schenck pizzaI don’t love what I’ve heard about either phone, and both sound like they’re going to be too damn big. I’d be much more enamored with the Nexus 5X if we were talking about a handset with something like a 4.8-inch quad HD display. I’m also not a fan of what I’ve seen of that phone’s camera bump; while I very much want a smartphone that can shoot a decent pic, my bar for acceptable performance is pretty low, and I’d prefer a more compact camera module even if that meant a big drop in resolution – anything north of 5MP is wasted on me anyway. In a perfect world, the handset would have 64GB storage, minimum (I’m sick of constantly deleting stuff with 32GB). Basically, I want small, straightforward (to hell with fingerprint scanners), and above all cheap, cheap, cheap.

Hayato Huseman

hayato husemanAs for me? Well, first and foremost I want something I can use in one hand. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I need a sub-5″ display; my recent ventures with the Galaxy Note 5 and Moto X Pure Edition have shown me that a big screen doesn’t have to mean an overly huge body, and I’d actually love a 5.5″ screen with minimal side bezels and contoured edges for a smoother grip. While I’ve never been huge into fingerprint scanners, if Google is going to require security for Android Pay, the new Nexii need more than just a fingerprint scanner — they need a great fingerprint scanner. I’ve been using the Huawei Mate S for a little while now, and it has the fastest and most accurate fingerprint scanner I’ve used by far, and given that the same company is allegedly behind one of the upcoming phones, I’m expecting excellence here.

Like others have said, I’d love a dark mode; it’s much easier on the eyes, and it just looks slick. Wireless charging isn’t too important to me, but fast charging is an absolute must, and obviously the faster the better. I’d also really like to see split-screen multitasking, a la Samsung’s Multi Window. As it turns out, it’s already coded into the system (at least, an early build is), and a quick build.prop edit will get it going, but that’s far from user-friendly. Oh — and I’d really appreciate better names than “Nexus 5X” and “Nexus 6P” … but recent reports are suggesting that that’s what we’re getting, so I might as well get used to it now.

And now… Your turn!

Now that you know what we want in the upcoming Nexus handsets, we want to hear from you! Again, forego whatever rumors you’ve read or photos that have leaked; this is a wishlist, after all, not a rumor roundup or a speculation piece. What do you want to see from the new Nexus hardware, and from Android Marshmallow? A sleek and flashy aluminum unibody design, or something a bit more utilitarian? A great camera, or a great display (or, you know … both)? Let’s have a fun conversation in the comments below!

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