OTOY: Stream 3D Games to Windows Phone

OTOY is creating a new gaming paradigm where you can stream your games over 3G cellular data or WiFi so you can play your games on your mobile device. OTOY will stream your games allowing you to play in the browser of your phone, much like how Skyfire works.

The technology is aimed at bringing more advanced games to the mobile space. Although technologies like the upcoming Tegra chipset and Snapdragon are making 3D graphics and more advanced gaming possible, users are still hardware-dependent and may need to continue to upgrade their hardware to play graphics-intense games. OTOY serves by having all the graphics rendered elsewhere, mainly your gaming console at home, and requires only a stable internet connection. The firm suggests WiFi for streaming, although the technology works fine over 3G. Even advanced games can be played on a Windows Mobile Samsung Omnia, a handset that was released a year ago.

As demonstrated in the video, OTOY is using an Xbox controller with the Omnia.

(via: Tech Crunch)

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