It’s hard to beat Samsung when it comes to software updating sluggishness these days, but Lenovo daughter company Motorola is almost begging to be hated as much as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

It’s not that things aren’t progressing on the Oreo front for a number of Moto-branded devices. But surely, five months is too long to complete regional soak tests. Worse yet, the 2016-released Moto Z seems to be receiving stable Android 8.0 love exclusively in Brazil, with “some time” still needed to optimize and roll out said goodies over-the-air in the US and Europe.

Reportedly tipping the scales at around 1.4GB, the Oreo-flavored bundle of smoothness includes Google’s March 1 security patches. We don’t have an official changelog to list the OEM’s proprietary OS revisions, but for the most part, you should expect a fairly typical collection of add-ons and improvements.

We’re talking background limits, faster boot times, Autofill functionality, smart text selection, (limited) Picture-in-Picture capabilities, notification dots, Android Instant Apps, and a fully redesigned emoji set.

Keep in mind that the Moto Z used to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, packing a now-archaic Snapdragon 820 processor, as well as 4GB RAM and a modest 2600mAh battery. This is Motorola’s first modular phone, and it’s still compatible with all the Moto Mods out there.

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