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Original Huawei Watch with Android Pay? [UPDATE]

By Jules Wang April 7, 2017, 6:11 pm

The Huawei Watch 2 was introduced with a brave new operating system, Android Wear 2.0. Well, it may not have been brave as much as it put an emphasis on connecting users to more actionable data from more places. It’s the OS that the original Huawei Watch will get at some point. And according to the company in a statement to Ausdroid, it might just get Android Pay along with it.

An NFC chip that is apparently on the device but was never activated may soon be able to be used with Android Pay for mobile payments. Google is testing the watch for compatibility right now and Australians may be able to see the app go live around the third quarter, well after the 2.0 update gets spread.

The story elsewhere may be different as Slashgear‘s Chris Davies has relayed from Huawei’s US press ops that it just isn’t true that NFC will be activated. Other outlets are reporting the same rebuttal. Pocketnow is inquiring US PR. We’ve also reached out to Ausdroid editor-in-chief Daniel Tyson who said that he received his information over the phone from a Huawei PR rep. He’s reaching back out to Huawei Australia.

Hopefully we can suss this paradox out on the basis of intracorporate miscommunication or regional hardware differences — that would need quite a rich explanation.

Update: Huawei Australia has clarified to Ausdroid that the original Huawei Watch does not have an NFC chip inside it, despite the firm’s initial claim. Huawei Australia has since apologized to the outlet for its mistake.

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