If the Senior Vice President of Android (among other things) is hungry for an Oreo cake and there’s something important coming up which has a name that should start with an “O,” you should know what’s up. That said, we can’t help but think that either Mondelez International was painfully blind to the procedure or rudely teasing the few of us that notice this kind of thing.

The company has launched a new game to promote its Oreo brand along with a sweepstakes for tickets to a Celebrity Dunking Event. So, how to play? Head to oreodunkchallenge.com on your mobile device and make sure you’re 13 years or older in age and have an Oreo cookie to scan. Then follow the instructions. You’ll essentially be making an inner space dunk from where you are to some poor glass of milk elsewhere in the world.

We wish we had more pictures to give you, but apparently, you must be in the US to proceed with the dunking journey.

Mondelez worked with 360i, Carat, Jam3 and Google’s The Zoo creative agency to build elements of the game. The loading page for the game includes a tag reading “Created with our friends at Google,” and indeed, there are elements from Google Earth used in the game, which relies on users’ geolocation to determine the starting position for the dunk animation.

We shouldn’t need to say that the allusion for the official dessert name of Android O, expected for preview at Google I/O in May, is leering at us right in the face. And if Nestle‘s fine with Google taking up Android KitKat, why not Mondelez?

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