Oracle Claims Android Activations Generate $10 Million for Google

There are 700,000 Android devices activated on a daily basis. The information first came from Andy Rubin before Christmas and was reconfirmed by CEO Larry Page with the occasion of Q4 2011 Google earnings call.

“Each day’s worth of activations likely generates approximately $10 million in annual mobile advertising revenue for Google”, claims Oracle, which made a proposition to the court to stay or dismiss without prejudice its patent infringement claims against Google in favor of a near-term copyright trial. As part of the plea, Oracle made this information public but didn’t mention any source for the estimation.

According to Florian Mueller, the above number might be derived from the assumption of annual advertising revenues of $14 per Android user, which, of course, Google could easily deny.

In its letter to the court, Oracle also states that “Google leverages Android to grow the user base for its Google+ social network, and notes that Android is not as open as Google would have everyone believe”. Continuing the plea, Oracle is quoting analysts that believe “the number of new Android devices will reach 2.5 million per day within twelve months”.

The matter at hand isn’t Google’s Android activations or the growth of Google+; Oracle only wants its fair share from the usage of Java in Android. A court decision to stay or dismiss in the matter, as requested by Oracle, should lead to a copyright trial in the near future.

Source: FOSS Patents

Via: BGR

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