LG joined the rest of the Android big boys at the 1080p table this year with the launch of its Optimus G Pro. More of a big brother to the Optimus G than a proper successor (we’re looking forward to the Optimus G II for IFA 2013), the handset still represents the best of what LG currently has to offer. If you haven’t been swayed by the Galaxy S 4 or the HTC One and still have your eye on the G Pro, you could have your chance to snag one in just about a month, with rumors suggesting that AT&T will start selling the Android on May 10.

For the US release, the G Pro will have a 5.5-inch screen, possibly finding more competition from the likes of the Galaxy Note II than these other 1080p models. In fact, the Optimus G Pro resembles the Note II’s design so closely that, carrier logos removed, you’d have to look twice to tell them apart from the front.

It’s unclear right now what AT&T might hope to charge for the G Pro (though $200 on-contract sounds like a safe bet), as well as if other carriers could show similar interest in the new LG handset. Honestly, considering the sort of limited consumer appeal LG sees in the States, we woudn’t imagine many users are hounding their carriers to start selling the G Pro, so this could very well only find a home at AT&T.

Assuming this launch info is accurate, we might hope to see the carrier finally announce the phone’s retail arrival sometime during that first week of May.

Source: Android Central

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