LG has successfully ushered its Optimus Chic past the watchful eye of the FCC, but not before leaving us with few new pics of this forthcoming Android handset.

The first specs we saw for the Chic made it out to be nearly identical to the Optimus One, with its higher-resolution camera the most notable change. The FCC test report tells a very different tale, though, presenting a more stripped-down phone without even 3G support. Specifically, the Chic is referred to only as a “GSM/EDGE Phone”.

Initial specifications listed the Chic as operating on European 3G frequencies. Rather than swap out the phone’s radio for one compatible with US bands, it seems LG just decided to scrap it.

We knew that the Chic was to be a lower-end model, with its 600MHz processor, but without high-speed wireless data as well, just to whom does LG expect the Chic will appeal? Since the company’s not planning on releasing Gingerbread for the Optimus S, we can’t imagine it updating the Chic to the latest version of Android, either. Perhaps it will find a home with pre-paid services, offering a cheap way to pick up an Android phone?

Source: FCC

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