PSA: How to opt out of T-Mobile’s Binge On program

T-Mobile claims that its zero-rated data scheme for video is not “throttling,” a claim YouTube and the Electronic Frontier Foundation don’t agree with. But whether or not you appreciate the delicate regulatory aspects of such programs like Binge On — and believe you me, the FCC is certainly interested — is irrelevant here.

If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, be it for a capped or unlimited LTE data plan, you’re automatically opted-in to Binge On. And if what the EFF found out about the program irks you, you do have the option to turn it off. Thing is, T-Mobile doesn’t make it easy.

There is no mention of Binge On if you file through your my T-Mobile account hub on your computer.

UpdateThanks to ShootMeNow for the tip!


You could do it through customer service (joy to the world) over the phone, but if you want a little less hassle, here’s how to do without that:

1. Hit up the “T-Mobile My Account” app. If you don’t have it, scroll down below these steps for details.


2. From the main screen, tap the “Account Info” pad.


3. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on “Plans & Services”


4. Scroll down and tap on “Add/Change Services”


5. Scroll down and tap on the “Other” tab and it’ll pop down a menu. Since I’ve already disabled Binge On, the last listing says “Enable Binge On,” but if you haven’t disabled it, it should say “Disable Binge On.”


6. Select that option and hit continue.

From there, the app tells you that the change has been immediately recognized and you should be all set for an un-modified video experience.

If you bought your device outside of the T-Mobile ecosystem and need to get the “T-Mobile My Account” app, just make sure that you’ve popped your SIM into the device you’re using before searching your first-party App store for it.

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