OPPO’s Realme 1 specs leaked days before launch

Realme is the name that OPPO is going with for a new India-only brand of smartphones aimed at penny-pinching millenials. The first phone will be the Realme 1 and it will launch on May 15 through Amazon.in. It’s at this point we come to an unfortunate leak that could tell all about the Realme 1’s specifications. And it all flows back to what looks like a mistake.

@bang_gogo_ on Twitter was able to source a whole bunch of specs for the the device seemingly out of thin air on Friday.

Even with single cameras at front and back and a MediaTek Helio P60 processor (which we don’t have much in-hand familiarity with), 6GB of RAM is a pretty generous spec given that we expect this phone to launch around the Rs. 20,000 or $300 range. But where were these specs coming from? Indian tech site iGyaan was implicated in a later tweet.

Yep, that’s iGyaan‘s WordPress theme — “Techwise Child,” which, full disclosure, we also use — but a cursory search on that site indicates no coverage at all about the Realme 1. Perhaps someone hit “Publish” instead of “Save draft” and ended up breaking embargo on this device before fumbling the post back into draft. Or these numbers could be coming from an inside source and there’s now the risk of jeopardizing that source’s integrity. Or the story could be something entirely different. We don’t know.

In any case, this is the blueprint we have to work off of for now. One thing we absolutely don’t know for sure is pricing, so let’s hope our bets — because that’s really what they are at this point, bets — hold up.

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