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OPPO reveals wrap-around display prototype called Waterfall Screen

By Anton D. Nagy July 29, 2019, 6:00 am

Smartphone displays are becoming more and more flexible and smartphone manufacturers are going crazy with new innovative designs meant to capture future customers’ attention. Huawei is rumored to utilize an insanely curved display on the edges of the upcoming Mate 30 Pro, but OPPO just might beat it to the flexible display game with its new Waterdrop Screen.

The prototype smartphone uses what OPPO calls a Waterdrop Screen, a display which wraps around the left and right edges of the device, in an insane, almost 90-degree angle. Its 88 degree curvature makes information appear to flow off the display (hence the Waterfall Screen moniker), and it allows OPPO to explore, according to the company, new approaches to design and user experience.

An immersive visual experience and innovative aesthetic” is coming soon, according to the company, as the next flagship OPPO phone might utilize this type of Waterfall Screen. We’re curious how the user interface will integrate with the curves on the edges, what will they be used for, and how the software can filter out accidental touches.

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