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Another Android OEM may be just about to launch a VR headset

By Stephen Schenck October 20, 2014, 4:25 pm

Two hot technologies find themselves at a crossroads at the moment, as the latest wave of interest in virtual reality hardware crosses paths with the ongoing evolution of smartphones. Efforts like Google Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR may have gotten this ball rolling, and we’re already seeing other manufacturers eager to jump on board, as well. Now we get word of what looks like it may be the next company to join them, as Oppo teases what sure seems to be a VR headset of its own.

The company shared the above image on social media late last week, and it pretty clearly depicts an Oppo-branded VR visor. Still, that leaves us with a ton of questions: will this be an accessory for a specific phone, like the Note 4 and Samsung’s solution, or will it be more general-purpose, like the Archos accessory we shared with you recently? If it is indeed for a certain handset (and really, even if it isn’t), will it launch alongside the Oppo N3 later this month?

Pocketnow will have one of our team members on the ground in Singapore for that October 29 launch, so if this VR headset is present at the event, we’ll be right there to bring you first-hand word of its introduction.

With all these VR accessories, we’re curious about the balance between features, compatibility, and price. Samsung may win in the first department, but comes up a little short in the latter two, while the Cardboard-like models we’ve seen tend to have the opposite benefits. Just where Oppo’s effort falls between those extremes could have a big impact on the degree to which it’s warmly received.

Source: Oppo (Eribo)
Via: Into Mobile

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