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OPPO to unveil Smart Glasses, NPU, and Retractable Camera at INNO DAY 2021 event

By Sanuj Bhatia December 8, 2021, 3:23 am
oppo inno day 2021 npu Source: OPPO

OPPO has announced that it is hosting an INNO DAY event in China next week. The event is scheduled to kick off on December 14 where the company is expected to showcase a slew of new products and innovations. Ahead of the event, the company has now announced that it will launch its first-ever NPU (Neural Processing Unit) and new smart glasses at the event.

OPPO has said that the INNO DAY 2921 event will be conducted in a hybrid manner, meaning the event will be conducted offline but the company also will be accessible to all via online streaming. The company says that Tony Chen, Founder and CEO of OPPO, will deliver a keynote at the event where the company will unveil new technologies including OPPO's new NPU and smart glasses.

oppo smart glasses 2021 teaser Source: OPPO

OPPO also says that the company will also showcase some details around its other "latest cutting-edge technologies" such as Retractable Camera and Digital Human. In addition to these, OPPO adds that innovations related to imaging, AI, AR, and 5G will be introduced.

Lastly, OPPO reiterates the innovations it has introduced with the INNO events in the past. It says the concepts it introduced in the last few years, such as OPPO X 2021 Rollable Concept Handset and OPPO AR Glass 2021, and adds that it will continue the tradition by presenting its latest achievements that push the boundaries of technological advancements further than ever.

Retractable Camera For Smartphones

oppo retractable camera Source: OPPO (via AndroidPolice)

In addition to Smart Glasses and an NPU, OPPO will also showcase a retractable rear camera for phones at the event. The company shared a teaser for the retractable camera on its Twitter account earlier today. The video showcases a first-of-a-kind camera that comes up from the camera module before retracting back inside. The video shows that the technology is waterproof and shows that the camera has to self-retract if the phone detects it's about to fall.

Unlike the pop-up selfie cameras that became mainstream with the OnePlus 7 Pro, the rear retractable camera moves back and forth on the Z-axis. It could be used for optical zoom and other imaging improvements, but OPPO is yet to say anything about that. The teaser showcases that the lens used in the first demo is a 50mm lens which could help the phone improve its telephoto performance.

The teaser reveals that the camera has a 1/1.58-inch sensor, a 50mm equivalent focal length, and an f/2.4 aperture. It's plausible that having a retractable camera on the smartphone could allow smartphones to have optical zoom using only one lens, but OPPO is yet to share any details of the new technology. While OPPO didn't share any other technical detail of its first retractable camera, it's good that we don't have to wait much longer for it as the company is set to showcase the Innovation at its INNO DAY 2021 event, which is set to take place on December 14, 2021.

What are your expectations from OPPO's INNO DAY 2021 event? Let us know in the comments section below!


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