OPPO tests 5G smartphone, prepares to launch in 2019

There’s a lot of back and forth when it comes to 5G smartphones in general, and the first one we might see. There’s no doubt about the fact that most major manufacturers are working hard on implementing the upcoming technology. There’s also a competition regarding who will be the first one with a commercially available 5G phone. Everyone is hinting at their development efforts and results, and some are even showing them off. Similar to how Xiaomi and Vivo showed off test results of phones actually connected to 5G networks, it is now time for OPPO to do the same.

OPPO announced that one of their phones successfully completed 5G Internet access for the first time. We’re seeing pretty much the same thing we’ve seen with others. An existing device, in this case the OPPO R15, has connected to a 5G network in a lab test. The 5G logo is visible on the screen, if you squint hard enough.

OPPO says “the connection was carried out on a pre-commercially available 5G smartphone developed on the basis of OPPO R15″. OPPO has recently joined the “5G Pilot” program teaming up with Qualcomm to pioneer implementation of the upcoming standard. 

The press release concludes by saying that OPPO will continue its efforts and “accelerate the development of 5G smartphones and lay a solid foundation for the release of commercially available 5G smartphones in 2019“.

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