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OPPO smartwatch possibly coming next year with rectangular shape

By Anton D. Nagy August 14, 2019, 8:00 am
OPPO flagship

Smartwatch shipments are up 44 percent year over year, as we’ve learned yesterday, and it looks like OPPO wants a piece of the market. Company Vice President Brian Shen took it to Weibo to clarify the topic. He talks about an OPPO smartwatch which will not make it to the market this year, but it is very likely that the company will release it in 2020. When it will happen exactly, is unknown.

He then talked about the shape of the upcoming wearable, saying that, while the circular shape is in line with tradition, and it’s classic, it is more efficient to adopt a rectangular shape, which would allow the presentation of information to be done in a more efficient way than on a circular dial.

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