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Oppo teases additional phone for next week’s launch event

By Stephen Schenck October 24, 2014, 10:03 am

Next Wednesday, October 29, Oppo is gearing up to launch its flagship N3 – that much, at least, is all but certain. After all, the company’s been teasing the hell out of this phone going back over a month by this point, getting bolder and bolder with the details it’s willing to share. While that means that much of the N3’s story is out there by now, it may not be the only handset featured at this announcement, as Oppo’s latest teaser appears to reveal a second handset getting ready to join the N3 on stage.

The manufacturer shared the image above on its social accounts, showing what sure appears to be an N3 on the right, flanked by this new mystery phone. While we’re expecting two versions of the N3, built from different materials, those two handsets will likely be the same shape and size, while this phone on the left here is clearly a little smaller than the N3.


But what does that make this other phone? For the moment, there’s little in the way of evidence to answer that question. We’ve heard the theory that whatever it is, it could have an N3-like rotating camera, but we just aren’t seeing anything that directly supports such a claim.

Beyond the N3 and this new mystery smartphone, Oppo may also show off some sort of virtual reality accessory at next week’s launch event.

Source: Oppo (Weibo)
Via: G for Games


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