OPPO Reno teaser

OPPO is doing its best to tease and build the anticipation around its upcoming flagship phone, dubbed Reno. We know the phone will practically have no bezels, have a 5G variant, won’t feature holes, or notches, run on the Snapdragon 855 platform, and, what’s most important, it will feature the company’s 10x hybrid lossless periscope-zoom technology.

The official OPPO Reno teaser video you see below seems to encompass all of the above. Cleverly executed and marketed as “how the OPPO Reno is made”, the funny clip underlines the phone’s most important features, from the processor’s power, to the camera’s zoom capabilities, to the screen and colors.

The Reno family of products will be launched on April 10, and will consist of a standard OPPO Reno (with 8-10GB of RAM), a 5G variant (with 12GB of RAM), and a toned down version powered by a Snapdragon 710 chip.

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