Oppo R9 Plus, R9 and F1s score Android Marshmallow, yes, Marshmallow update in Australia

Founded way back in 2004 as a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, which also markets smartphones under OnePlus and Vivo brands, China-based OPPO experienced tremendous growth of late, particularly in 2016, catering primarily to a local offline audience interested in decent overall specs, reasonable prices and, well, sharp selfies.

But the mobile device-making company has never exceled at software support, with a divisive proprietary Android skin, super-slow or absent updates, and worse yet, phones released on outdated OS versions. Like the Marshmallow-powered F3 Plus.

Let’s not forget about last spring’s R9, aka F1 Plus, and R9 Plus, or the late summer-unveiled F1s that all saw daylight running Android 5.1 Lollipop. If it’s any consolation, the three otherwise respectable devices are now finally getting upgraded… to 6.0 Marshmallow. In Australia, at least, though download links provided on the OEM’s regional support website might also work elsewhere.

It’s worth a shot if you own an OPPO R9 Plus, R9 or F1s, and have started to grown tired of Android 5.1-based Color OS 3.0. Who knows, perhaps Google Assistant is part of the deal, and you’ll be able to pretend like you’re all caught up with the latest software trends. As for Nougat, it’s probably wise not to get your hopes up.

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