While Google could never break the very principles Android was founded on and mandate third-party OEMs to load “vanilla” software on their devices, more and more of these companies are starting to pay attention to so-called purists, offering them the choice between a stripped-down OS and one adorned with all sorts of bells and whistles.

OPPO dubs its near-stock experiment Project Spectrum, sending Lollipop-based beta builds to the Find 7 and R5 previously, and now, Marshmallow updates to the R7s. Since this is a completely optional makeover, you’ll have to make a bit of an effort, manually downloading it from OPPO’s servers and installing it on your upper mid-range 5.5-inchers yourselves.

Small bugs and a general sense of system instability could be part of the deal for the time being, though the phone’s pre-loaded 5.1 Lollipop port with full Color OS 2.1 on top can occasionally act out as well.

Bottom line, Project Spectrum is probably worth a shot, combining the best of Marshmallow (Doze Mode, Google Now on Tap, and a new launcher) with some universally acclaimed OPPO-proprietary add-ons, including Screen-off Gestures, the ColorOS Camera, Photos App, and VOOC Flash Charge.

While there are no words on when the F1, F1 Plus or R9 Plus might follow suit on the close-to-vanilla M bandwagon, the R7 Plus is confirmed to join its “little” brother at the beta 6.0 party next Friday, on May 13. Clearly, official, stable and polished OTA upgrades from Lollipop to Marshmallow can’t be long now.

Source: OPPO Community

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