Oppo R7 Plus Review: Giving “Plus” a true meaning

Oppo has spent the last few generations of its R lineup building devices that defy the boundaries of design. The R5 was about thinness, The R7 about elegance and reliability, and with the R7 Plus, let’s just say size is just part of the story. The Plus denominator has been common these days as a way to refer to the larger sibbling of a particular product. We see it today with the Galaxy S6 and Apple’s new iPhones as well. Oppo’s approach the word plus is different though, as the Oppo R7 Plus is not only larger than the R7, but substantially different in design and features.

Oppo could’ve simply chosen to make the R7 larger, but instead the company made some significant design changes to the R7 Plus. Some of these changes are to provide more comfort for those in need of a larger display, but others are actually added features that you won’t find on the smaller sibling. Watch our full review to learn more, and make sure you also catch our unboxing while you’re at it.

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