OPPO R11 and R11 Plus get unveiled and detailed in full, pricing and release dates still MIA

Proving it’s become a force to be reckoned with in terms of both sales numbers and marketing, OPPO is really stretching the official launch of the oft-leaked R11 and R11 Plus smartphones to spend more time than usual in the limelight.

Basically teased on the company’s Chinese website earlier this week, promotional images and partial spec sheet included, the OPPO R11 is fully unveiled today, alongside its big brother that previously kept a very low profile.

But a massive puzzle piece is still missing, as recommended local pricing and availability details will only follow tomorrow. Something tells us that’s when sales are slated to begin. Pre-orders, at the very least.

Like the highly successful R9s and its own larger sibling, we’re looking at robust upper mid-end affairs here, to be priced somewhere in the $450 – $600 range.

Expected to influence the already controversial design of the unreleased OnePlus 5, these Snapdragon 660 bad boys are all made of premium metal, with trendy dual rear camera setups in tow featuring 16MP wide-angle and 20MP telephoto lenses.

The single 20MP selfie cam on both devices doesn’t sound like a pushover either, and although they’re just 6.8 and 7.8 mm thin, the OPPO R11 and R11 Plus pack decently hefty 3000 and 4000mAh battery capacity respectively. With proprietary VOOC Flash Charging technology, of course, and Full HD screens measuring 5.5 and 6 inches in diagonal.

The lone other difference we can notice looking at complete specs is the 6GB RAM count of the R11 Plus, compared to 4 on the “regular” version. The 64GB internal storage is shared, and the same goes for microSD support, Android 7.1.1 software and a front-mounted fingerprint reader.

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