OPPO punch-hole smartphone hinted by patent filing

A new OPPO patent filing with WIPO has been uncovered and it seems to describe a full screen smartphone with a punch-hole for the camera. OPPO already has a full-screen smartphone, the Find X, granted, without a punch-hole, and the Chinese manufacturer managed to build the front-facer inside a slide mechanism to maintain the best screen-to-body ratio possible.

This patent, however, describes the punch-hole approach, and the way OPPO wants to conceal the hole in the display in via the user interface. The punch hole itself will be part of a camera icon, namely its lens. That icon will be fixed, but, to its left (one icon), and to its right (several icons), there will be app shortcuts. Upon scrolling through them via a swipe motion, all of the icons will change, except the camera icon. That one is fixed, hence concealing the hole.

It is a different approach that what we’ve seen so far. However, just because the patent exists, it doesn’t mean we’ll see this commercially available soon. It is nonetheless interesting to see how 1. manufacturers are adopting the punch-hole (after all, it is a trend) and 2. how they are trying to conceal it.

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