We’re just a matter of weeks away from Oppo’s launch of the N3, with an announcement due near the end of October. The company hasn’t been shy about dropping teasers for the new hardware already, and while the unofficial renders we’ve seen have us more than a little suspicious, there’s also good info out there. The latest to arrive from an official source has us wondering about the company’s intentions for the materials that will go into making up the N3’s body, possibly suggesting the presence of some advanced alloys.

Oppo just dropped the teaser pic you see above along with a message quizzing fans about “the world’s lightest metal element.” While the handset in the middle there may be marked with the symbol for aluminum, it’s really lithium that’s the lightest metal you can find (OK, so metallic hydrogen, but that ain’t happening at STP). Lithium on its own is unsuitable for phones, but the theory that Oppo could go with an aluminum-lithium alloy, as is used in advanced aerospace applications, might be a possibility.

Of course, we may be reading too much into this, and the N3 could be a standard aluminum handset, with the lithium Oppo’s hinting at referring to the element’s presence in the phone’s battery. Still, it seems weird to call attention to it like that (considering lithium is in every phone’s battery), so we’re not quite ready to dismiss this alloy theory altogether.

Anyway, at the pace Oppo’s going, we’re sure to get a bunch of additional teasers between now and launch day, so there’s a fair chance we’ll get further confirmation through one of those to come.

Source: Oppo (Weibo)
Via: GSM Arena

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