Now that it’s official, the time has come for a video showcase of Oppo’s latest smartphone, the N3. We have Jaime Rivera on the ground in Singapore bringing us the latest from the company’s unveiling event of the N3 and the lower-tier R5, and he’s supplied us with an Oppo N3 hands-on video for your consumption.

The N3’s beauty begins with the design. The use of what Oppo refers to as “aircraft quality steel” gives the phone a unique, bold, and premium look and feel, something we’re glad to see is becoming a trend these days (as phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Apple iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia Icon, and HTC One M8 have also embraced metal). The notification LED, dubbed “Skyline notification 2.0,” is also a thing of beauty; Oppo has taken what was already a fairly stylish phone with the N1, and made it even better.

There is also, as rumored, a Smart Motorized Camera, which we’ve expounded upon further in our announcement post, and this camera is packed with software features to let you better take advantage of it. There is also a fingerprint scanner, known as “Touch Access” (sounding oddly similar to a fruit manufacturer’s implementation of biometrics), and a good selection of powerful specs.

Without further ado, our Oppo N3 hands-on video:

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