Oppo’s got a new smartphone coming up, and for the past several weeks now we’ve been watching it slowly tease the arrival of the N3. Even with the formal launch not expected until the end of October, the company’s got no qualms about promoting the handset a little early, and has been playfully dropping hints about what we can look forward to. Earlier this week we saw one talking about super-light elements, and shared with you the theory that the company could be giving the N3 a body made of an advanced aluminum-lithium alloy. Today, Oppo appears to confirm that interpretation, while also mentioning another material choice.

In the image you see above, Oppo confirms this aluminum-lithium alloy for the N3’s frame. What’s so special about this alloy, as opposed to regular old aluminum? The addition of a little lithium to the mix not only strengthens the metal but also decreases its density, letting Oppo deliver a lighter smartphone without compromising on rigidity.

Below we’ve got the bottom half of the company’s teaser, where it also confirms a steel body option – maybe for users who don’t mind a slightly heavier phone if that also means having one that can take a little more of a beating. What will these two different body materials mean for Oppo N3 pricing? We don’t yet have a sense of that, but we love the idea that Oppo’s planning to give us a choice.


Source: Oppo (Facebook)
Via: phoneArena

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