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DigitalOptics finds OEM partner to bring MEMS camera to phones

By Stephen Schenck October 9, 2013, 11:39 am

Well there’s some good time for you: we only just got finished talking about what MEMS devices are, and how they enable your smartphone to do all the neat stuff it does, and now a MEMS component is back in the news, with that DigitalOptics part we told you about in a recent Nexus 5 rumor returning to our attention, and the announcement that it’s finally going to appear on a handset – just not the Nexus 5.

DigitalOptics got roped into that rumor when it was discovered that the Nexus 5 might use a Sony IMX719 sensor for its camera – while the DigitalOptics MEMS camera uses the same sensor, it’s a much more elaborate (and more interesting) device. It uses MEMS actuators to adjust its focus, resulting in higher-speed auto-focus and reduced power consumption.

That all sounded pretty darn good, and once it became clear we weren’t going to be seeing it in the Nexus 5, we got to wondering who really might be first to put the unit in one of their phones. This week we get that answer, with the announcement that Oppo has placed the first volume order for DigitalOptics’s MEMS camera.

There’s no word yet from Oppo on anything about what future phone might see this component, but it’s sure good news for the company, and one of a growing number of reasons to pay more attention to these Chinese firms looking to expand their brands a little.

Source: DigitalOptics
Via: Droid-life

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