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The notch made its first official appearance back in 2017 as a necessary evil, which allowed Apple to give its users a safer biometric solution for unlocking their devices through facial recognition. Unfortunately, it was and still is huge. On the other hand, Android devices started to include smaller notches to give their users face-unlock features while still giving them the option of using their fingerprints to unlock their phones. Since then, we have seen the notch go through several changes, as companies strive to give us a full-screen device, and it seems that OPPO may have reached this goal after a couple of bumps on the road.

We are waiting to see more and more devices with an under-display selfie camera in the market. Indeed, we have the ZTE Axon 30, and we could soon see this feature in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, or at least that’s what rumors suggest. Whatever the case, it seems that OPPO may also be getting ready to kill the notch, as it has recently announced that the new version of its under-display camera technology allows for a selfie camera to be placed under the display “without compromising the integrity of the screen.”

Now, this isn’t the first time OPPO presents this kind of tech. Back in 2019, the company made a presentation during Shanghai’s Mobile World Congress, where it revealed a selfie camera embedded under a part of the display made out of highly transparent custom material and a special pixel structure that would enable light to pass to the lens. However, the company made some changes on its third attempt. It now shrinks the size of each pixel without decreasing its pixel count to give its users a 400-ppi high-quality display all over the screen. Further, it has replaced the traditional wiring with transparent wiring materials.

These changes have allowed OPPO to deliver a display with “almost no visual difference” between the display and the portion of the selfie camera. The company has releaser some images of a device with this tech, where it shows a black-and-white ebook app that fills the screen and shows no apparent differences. It has also posted a sample photo taken by this new under-display camera that looks pretty decent. So now, it seems that we may be getting closer to see the death of the notch.

Via MacRumors

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