We’re a couple days out from OPPO unveiling the Find X on June 19, a callback to its more ambitious days courting global tech media to its detailed Chinese quirks. It should be noted that competitor (and, yet, sister company) vivo recently also released a very special phone, the NEX.

vivo promoted the NEX before its launch by making people guess what its screen-to-body ratio would be (the answer ended up being 91.24 percent). It seems like OPPO is following in some well-tread footsteps as it had posted a quiz to Weibo users about the Find X’s screen-to-body-ratio.

The contest has since closed and you might be left wondering how the blanks are filled. Well, luckily for us, we have an update.

93.8 percent, for the record, beats the NEX’s number by 2.56 percent.

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