OPPO Find X confirmed with 5x dual camera zoom, Super VOOC Flash Charge

OPPO’s first true flagship phone in more than four years is officially coming to Paris next week, aiming to combine “art and innovative technology” like never before with at least three new groundbreaking features in tow.

Technically, the general specifications and design of the OPPO Find X remain under wraps, but the Chinese company wants the world to know that state-of-the-art 5x Dual Camera Zoom solution previewed back at the 2017 Mobile World Congress is finally ready for primetime.

It’s safe to assume the goal here is to give the Huawei P20 Pro’s 3x optical zoom and 5x “hybrid” zoom technologies a run for their money, using both a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens to guarantee “better performance while at the same time keeping the device thin.”

OPPO’s 5x dual camera module is, believe it or not, 10 percent thinner than a “traditional” smartphone’s single 2x optical zoom lens. “Inspired by the submarine’s periscope”, the newfangled technology applies a periscope-style structure to create enough space for a deep zoom with the telephoto lens angle rotated 90 degrees.

As OPPO explains it, a “periscope-style prism then directs the light into the camera by 90 degrees and sends the image through the telephoto lens when the user zooms in.”

Sounds… complex, and if you have trouble wrapping your head around this innovation, consider the much easier to understand Super VOOC Flash Charge functionality also coming with the Find X.

This is a 2016-unveiled evolution of OPPO’s proprietary VOOC Flash Charge solution, promising to “fully charge a 2500 mAh battery within 15 minutes.” Of course, the Find X is unlikely to pack a battery that small.

Last but not least, we’re today reminded 5G connectivity is right around the corner, and so is something called 3D Structured Light. This will allow “future generations of OPPO smartphones” to make 5G video calls with “potentially lifestyle-changing innovations such as Secure Payment, 3D Reconstruction, AR, and Gaming.” But this one probably still needs a little refinement time, so don’t expect much just yet.

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