It’s been a year of tough decisions for practically all Android device manufacturers except Samsung, which Qualcomm left hanging after Snapdragon 810’s unforeseen and unprecedented overheating woes.

Some took a gamble on the SD810 anyway, exposing themselves to public ridicule and high flagship return rates, while others settled for the inferior but reliable 808 chip. At the same time, MediaTek stepped up to the plate for many OEMs, particularly in Asia, as the Helio X10 managed to stay cool and outperform the Snapdragon 808.

Finally, Oppo adopted perhaps the oddest strategy of all, skipping 2015 hero launches altogether, and reportedly postponing the Find 9 until sometime next year. Specifically, whenever the blazing fast and, hopefully, stable Snapdragon 820 processor can come out.

It shouldn’t be long now, at least if Qualcomm is truthful about pre-release testing, but the last Oppo high-ender saw daylight way back in March 2014. It was called Find 7, and to grasp just how many things have changed since then, it packed a quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC.

On the other hand, it was also Quad HD and featured 3GB RAM, the former of which the Find 9 is unlikely to bump up, and the latter that will probably marginally grow to 4 gigs. So, yeah, the decision to not upgrade might feel odd compared to the wild pace rivals seemingly move at, but is it truly wrong to actually wait for the “next big thing?”

Besides, Oppo did unveil a few compelling 2015 non-flagships, including the R7, R7 Plus, R7s, and Neo 7. Hence, it really didn’t make much sense to lift the wraps off a Snapdragon 808 or 810-powered Find 9 this fall.

Source: Mobile-Dad
Via: Phone Arena

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