It’s no secret that Oppo’s new Find 7 smartphone has been on the way; we’ve been talking about the handset since back in December, and even Oppo itself got in on the early teases. Since then, information on the phone has been a nice mix of leaks, rumors, and more of these official statements. While Oppo didn’t give everything away, it did touch on specs like that 5.5-inch quad HD display, while also confirming that there’d be a lower-end 1080p version of the phone. Other rumors left us confused, like this talk of an over-the-top 50MP camera when evidence pointed to a 13MP shooter. Today the fog lifts and our answers arrive, as Oppo formally introduces the world to the Find 7.

Sure enough, we’ve got two hardware configurations here. First up is the quad HD model, and on a 5.5-inch screen like this, that means a pixel density 538 ppi. It runs a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 (AC), has 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage (microSD expandable). The battery is a 3000mAh component, and supports “VOOC” technology for reaching a 75% charge from dead in just 30 minutes. Oppo emphasizes the Find 7’s audio performance, mentioning its MaxxAudio speakers with enhanced bass response.

The Find 7’s main camera is indeed just 13MP, so where did this 50MP talk come from? It’s a software trick. The phone can shoot a series of ten pics in rapid succession, and combine them to create one big 50MP image, trading temporal resolution for spatial. On the video side, it records in 4K and offers a 720p 120fps mode for shooting high-def slow-mo.

Then there’s the 1080p version – it’s the same size as the QHD Find 7, measuring 152.6 x 75 x 9.2 mm, and makes a few changes in addition to the screen. The SoC is still a Snapdragon 801, but now only an AB chip, running a little slower at 2.3GHz. RAM drops to 2GB, and storage falls to 16GB. The battery’s also a bit smaller, coming in at 2800mAh. Both phones support LTE, and the QHD version is just barely heavier than the 1080p model, at 173g and 170g, respectively.

The QHD Find 7 is priced at the US equivalent of about $565, and will be available in May or June. The 1080p Find 7 hits retail shelves much sooner, going up for sale tomorrow at what works out to around $480.

As if two new flagship smartphones weren’t enough, Oppo also delivered a fitness tracker, the O-Band. Specs-wise, it looks to be on about the same level as that Samsung Activity Tracker we looked at yesterday.

Source: Oppo
Via: GSM Arena

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